WaterDrills® Drain Opener
Other Uses

The WaterDrills Drain Opener is not just for unclogging sink drains and toilets; it can also be used for cleaning whirlpool jets, sink overflow, and more! We would love to hear about your personal experiences with the product. Send us your very own video and we plan to be posting these soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email with any questions you may have.

Sink Overflow
Kitchen Sinks
What our customers tell us...
  • As a landlord I can say that recently the totally awesome WaterDrills saved me probably more than $75 in plumbing bills. A tenant's sink drain was slow and in just a few minutes the problem was solved - Thank you WaterDrills inventor. ~ Rick Goodman via Facebook
  • I used it for cleaning my car engine, gets places nothing else can! Great piece of kit! ~ Howie Dunbar via Facebook
  • Just wanted to let all the guys out there know that this product is truly amazing when it comes to all plumbing needs. But also to add I went and got another for my work room as it has another use when it comes to cleaning small engines and parts, not a lot of mess to clean afterwards. Go out and get a couple, you'll be glad you did. ~Terry Jardine via Facebook
  • I found another great use for the WaterDrills is cleaning out the joint where my tub wall pieces connect. A very difficult place to clean out mineral deposits. ~ Jamie Whyte
  • I have found a great additional use the WaterDrills. It is great for cleaning golf shoes! I’m sure people will find many other uses. ~ Alex in St. Jacobs
  • My dishwasher had a foul smell…so I took out my WaterDrills and put it into the drainage area… it was blocked…thank you… a lot cheaper than getting a repair man!!! ~ Janet Foote