WaterDrills® Drain Opener
About WaterDrills

“Every home needs a safe way to break through drain clogs that is both easy to use and friendly to the environment,” says Lynn Christie, who along with Jim Proudfoot is co-owner of Water Drills International Inc., the Nova Scotia, Canada based company that has recently launched the all new WaterDrills Drain Opener.

“Up until now sloppy plungers, difficult wire snakes and harsh, dangerous caustic chemicals have been the standard household remedies for clogs and are usually only a partial solution leaving a majority of the clog behind”, says Jim, who has many years of experience in the Home Improvement Industry. “Unlike a plumber’s snake which merely pokes a hole in the blockage as an emergency fix, The WaterDrills Drain Opener breaks it down and removes all the debris from within the pipe”.

“While demonstrating the WaterDrills Drain Opener in numerous households, I learned from my experiences that women who would never feel comfortable using a plumber’s snake, once shown the simplicity of using this unique product, felt very comfortable using it and would continue to use it for maintenance purposes,” says Lynn.

In addition the WaterDrills Drain Opener’s very small diameter allows it to be inserted into narrow openings and its smooth tubing ensures that no damage is done to the finish on plumbing fixtures, unlike the plumber’s snake. “I found these features to be very attractive to homeowners” Lynn adds.

Lynn, inventor of the WaterDrills Drain Opener, has been involved with the product since its inception. “The WaterDrills concept originated from years of research and development in High Pressure Waterjet Technology. My late husband, David, was a design engineer who developed and manufactured high pressure water cutters for industry. Our water cutters can be found in industry in both Canada and the United States. With years of experience working by his side, I came up with the idea that there must be a way to shrink down the technology by using everyday household water pressure to develop a tool for homeowners. The concept behind the “WaterDrills Drain Opener” was born”.

Jim explains, “The product has been dormant until our new venture got started with the formation of Water Drills International Inc. The WaterDrills Drain Opener fills a clear and identified need in virtually every household and business”.

Water Drills International Inc. was founded in early 2010 for the purpose of further developing this and related proprietary products for market. The company’s goal is to fully realise the potential of the product and future variations and adaptations of the WaterDrills concept. The 2 owners, Lynn Christie and Jim Proudfoot, bring a unique combination of experience and talent to this venture.

The WaterDrills Drain Opener is an award winner, having just recently been selected as first-place zone winner in Innovacorp’s Provincial I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition, an innovative competition to find and support high potential Nova Scotia knowledge-based businesses.

The WaterDrills Drain Opener is now patented in Canada and has patent pending status in the United States. The name “Water Drills” is a registered Trade-mark in both Countries.

“For me this all came together when we launched our WaterDrills Drain Opener at the National Home Hardware Fall Buying Show in 2011. Knowing myself that the Tool really does the job, it was a great feeling to watch how enthusiastically it was received and to see it now displayed in Home Hardware Stores across Canada.” says Lynn.

“This is an affordable solution that every homeowner will want” says Jim Proudfoot.