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Other Uses
The WaterDrills Drain Opener can be used in your home, your cottage, boat or RV! It’s not just for sinks!
If you are not satisfied with your WaterDrills Drain Opener, we'll give you your money back.
About Water Drills
Learn about the inspiration behind our products and this Canadian success story.
Unclog drains naturally with the WaterDrills Drain Opener - a powerful, affordable, and environmentally friendly tool for: unclogging a sink, unclogging a bathtub, unclogging a toilet, cleaning the sink overflow, cleaning whirlpool jets, and more.

Hear what others are saying about the WaterDrills Drain Opener.
“Thank you for such a wonderful product! I have always had a slow drain in the bathroom...no matter how much drain chemical went down....NOT ANYMORE! Can't believe the difference!!! Thanks Lynn :)”
— Janet Foote
“I bought your product at Home Hardware and I used it to clear a slow bathtub drain that had been 98% clogged for years. The drain had stubbornly defied many chemical solutions and yet your drill worked quickly and efficiently. It is a great product – thanks!”
— Leroy Lowe